Sustainable Fashion On A Budget

Most of us probably do not have a million dollars just lying around somewhere. We shop mostly at fast-fashion brands such as Zara and Forever21 because it is cheap and there are many options to choose from. These brands, however, aren’t exactly sustainable. They produce millions of tons of waste each year, and they’re terrible for the environment and their workers. But what else are we supposed to do?

Sustainable fashion sounds expensive with all the organic materials, natural dyes, and fair wages. Which is a fair thought. Creating organic materials is quite difficult. Pesticides, fertilizers, and genetic modification is a no go for organic materials. And of course, paying everyone fair wages does not come cheap. 

Most are under the impression that we have to buy designer items, and such in order for us to have a green wardrobe. However, you do not need to buy every Stella McCartney item to create a green wardrobe.

In this article, I will give you some tips on things you can do to increase the sustainability of your wardrobe without spending excessive amounts of money. 


The first option might be the easiest on the list. Buy fewer clothes! I know I know, we all love shopping, but I am 99 percent sure that everyone who reads this has at least 5 items that they never wear. If we reduce the number of clothes we buy the demand decreases and thus fewer resources are needed. Besides if you feel like owning some new clothes just borrow something from a friend (and remember to return it. This is not my strongest quality).


Thrifting is a more sustainable option compared to buying new clothes because you give the items a second life. Thrifting decreases the demand for new clothing, and so fewer resources are used, and less waste is created. Besides, thrifting is also often way cheaper than buying new. I have found some of my favorite designer items for more than half of the price that they were previously! I do have to say that thrifting takes practice. I’ve been to so many thrifting stores and events, and it has taken me some time to find items I actually like. But now that I have some experience with thrifting, I love it! 


When you are absolutely certain you’re done with an item, give it a new home. Give it to a friend who you think might enjoy the new item. Or if you think it is still worth something try to sell it on vinted or depop. This way you can actually make some money with your old clothes. And if you do not think that you will be able to sell the item, or have no friends that want the item, give it to charity! You can make someone very happy with your old clothes. If all is lost and there is no way that someone will want the item, re-purpose it, use it as a cloth or fix another clothing item of yours with it. Get creative!


Of course, you can still buy new clothes once in a while! don’t get me wrong and think that you have to thrift every single item, because that is absolutely not the case. But what you should do when wanting to buy a new item is think. Do you need the item? Where are you going to wear it? Ask yourself these questions, because if you think you’re only going to wear it once, it is not worth it. Also, take a look at where it is made, and what materials are used. For some affordable sustainable clothing, you can look at my article here.sustainable quote

But most of all enjoy your new clothes and do not worry about it too much. In the end, it is the large corporations that are doing the most damage, and we can only try our best! 🙂

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