4 Sustainable Fashion Brands I’ve Found Through Social Media

It’s 2021. Social media is a prominent factor in all of our lives. Who does not have an Instagram or Twitter, or even TikTok? You can find so many amazing things through social media and the algorithm makes sure you see everything you like.

For me personally, it is fashion that is most noticeable in my feed. I love seeing what others are wearing, and which brands stood out at fashion week. It is through the socials that I have found some amazing eco-friendly fashion brands. In this article, I will share 4 brands that I think are great alternatives from the usual fast fashion!


I think this is the first sustainable fashion brand that I came across on Instagram and it really captured my attention. RUA CARLOTA is founded by artist Charlotte Rose Kirkham.


The idea of RUA CARLOTA is to challenge waste culture. The materials that are used for the designs are only deadstock and used materials. None of the materials used are ever the same, giving the clothes a unique, and colorful, look. Because of the different materials the looks of RUA CARLOTA are never made twice making the brand very exclusive and unique.

The brand is becoming increasingly popular and has been featured in several issues of VOGUE. Getting hold of an item of RUA CARLOTA is quite difficult because anytime a new collection drops it is sold out in minutes.


Are you interested in purchasing an item of RUA CARLOTA, take a look at their website, and keep an eye on their Instagram for the announcement of a new collection.

2. VAED by Veronica Arroyo

VAED stands for Veronica Arroyo ethical designs. It is a small independent sustainable brand located in Miami.

All the materials that the brand uses are sustainably and ethically sourced either coming from natural materials or from 2nd hand clothing. VAED is a zero-waste brand, meaning that they use every scrap of the materials in order to reduce waste.

Besides, the brand also donates a portion of its profits to communities all over the world. So by buying from VAED by Veronica Arroyo you’re not only helping the environment but also vulnerable groups all over the world.

VAED by Veronica Arroyo is dropping a 2021 collection soon so you can be on the lookout at their website. To take a look at what the style of the brand is you can take a look at their Instagram, or look at their TikTok (@VAED_VA) for some behind the scene clips.

3. Afends

Afends is a large brand founded in Australia. The brand is completely transparent from the actions in the supply chain to the business ethics and workplace environment.

Afends uses hemp, organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled polyester in their clothes. Next to this, they also acquire necessary certifications in order to make sure that their clothes meet the sustainability requirements. What makes this brand different from many other sustainable brands is that one of their goals is a net-zero carbon emission in transport.

Afends educates people in the entire supply chain to work as sustainably as possible, including the customers. They usher the customers to recycle or reuse their clothes instead of throwing them away where they end up in landfill.

From socks and scrunchies to jeans and jackets Afends has it, and in cute colors too! Compared to the brands above Afends is on the cheaper side.

If you want to shop Afends take a look at their website or visit their Instagram.

4. Lucy and Yak

Are you looking for some fun and funky clothing, then lucy and yak is perfect for you. From sweatshirts to pants. They all have bright colors and cute patterns on them.

The brand uses a small team in India who create all of the clothes while getting a fair wage, and healthy working conditions. As for the team in the UK, instead of just the minimum wage, they earn above the living wages.

A large percentage of the energy used for the production of the clothes of Lucy and Yak is renewable. Besides, 100% of the brand’s materials are either organic or recycled.

Next to AFENDS, this brand is also a bit more affordable compared to the other brands. And with the combination of sustainability and ethics, the brand is a nice swap for Urban Outfitters.

To see all the colorful clothes of Lucy and Yak please take a look at their website, or visit their Instagram.

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