Fashion For Conscious Men

Sustainability is not gender-related, however, it does seem like sustainable fashion prefers the feminine sex. When my dad asked for advice on sustainable brands for men I decided that this was a good opportunity to create a post specifically focused on menswear. So here are four sustainable fashion brands for men’s clothing.

Please note that clothing is not gender-specific and you can wear whatever you like.

1. Patagonia

Patagonia started off as a small company making climbing tools. As of today, it is one of the leaders in the transition towards a sustainable future. It is known for its wide range of activewear such as climbing outfits and surfing gear. But, they also have t-shirts, pants, and sweatshirts for every day.

Patagonia has created environmentally responsible and animal welfare programs to show they make their materials and products. This includes fair trade, material traceability, and regenerative cotton certification.

Around 68 percent of the materials used in their clothing are made from recycled materials, including recycled fishing nets, and plastic bottles. By 2025, the company aims to use 100 percent renewable or recycled materials. Other materials that the brand uses are organic cotton, hemp, REFIBRA®, and TENCEL®. REFIBRA® and TENCEL® are lyocell fibers made from tree pulp and are biodegradable.

Next to environmental responsibility, Patagonia also takes social responsibility. They have created strong social responsibility programs that analyze and manage the impact the company has on communities and businesses. Not only is it their goal to reduce harm, but Patagonia also creates positive benefits for the workers throughout the whole supply chain. By 2025, Patagonia aims to create all clothes in factories that pay a living wage.

And if you are still not convinced of their efforts in sustainability: each year the brand contributes one percent of their profits to the preservations and restorations of the natural environment.

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2. Kotn

Founded in 2015, Kotn sells simple and minimalistic t-shirts, joggers, sweatshirts, and more. As you might have guessed all their clothes are made from…. cotton.

Kotn works together with family-run farms in both Egypt and Portugal in order to ensure safe working conditions and fair wages. The cotton that is used by the brand is finer and stronger than other cotton fibers ensuring softness, breathability, and durability. 

Next to this, the production of Kotn is branded with OEKO-TEX certification ensuring sustainable and ethical practices. The brand puts an emphasis on transparency and fair wages. The brand is also able to trace all its clothing back throughout the whole supply chain, from the farms to the dye houses.

Kotn is committed to providing schooling for children in Egypt and works together with NGOs to provide safe, convenient, and quality education for children in farming communities.


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3. CARPASUSAfbeeldingsresultaat voor carpasus

Whereas the other two brands above also sell women’s clothing, CARPASUS is sustainable clothing specifically for men. CARPASUS was founded in 2015 in Switzerland by René Grünenfelder and Michael Zäch. After the Rana Plaza accidents, the founders reflected on environmental and social conditions under which our clothing is made. That is when the brand created its sustainable t-shirts for men.

carpasus sustainable organic cotton flanell shirt ursido navy. Nachhaltiges Carpasus Flanell Hemd Ursido aus Bio Baumwolle in Navycarpasus sustainable organic cotton dress shirt porto lightblue. Nachhaltiges Carpasus Businesshemd aus Bio Baumwolle Porto Hellblaucarpasus sustainable organic cotton and linen shirt scurido white/blue. Nachhaltiges Carpasus Hemd Scurido aus Bio Baumwolle und Leinen in Weiss/Blau

The brands create timeless t-shirts made from quality materials in order to ensure the longevity of the items. For the materials, the brand uses organic cotton and linen grown with plant-based fertilizers and organic pesticides. Next to this, crop rotation is practiced on the farms in order to assure healthy and fertile soil. The dyes used by the brands do not cause any harm to either humans, animals, and the environment. 

The founders of CARPASUS intended to learn as much of their supply chain as possible and spoke to partners, traveled to production sites, and visited fairs in order to gain as much knowledge. The brand aspires to be completely transparent. The brand expects its partners to adhere to the social standards and assures safe and humane working conditions for their employees.

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4. ASKETAfbeeldingsresultaat voor asket

The fourth company on the list is ASKET. Just like CARPASUS this brand also completely focuses on men’s clothing. The Swedish brand started creating its meaningful essentials in 2015. ASKET strives to overcome overconsumption and creates clothes with the intention of longevity.

Transparency is an important factor for ASKET. The brand traces back all the materials throughout the whole supply chain to show exactly what everything is made of. They also show everything that happens in the factories so that people can learn about the skills and devotion that are required. Unlike many brands, ASKET shows what the cost of everything is so their customers know what they are paying for.

Compared to other sustainable and ethical brands ASKET takes a whole different route with sustainable fashion. They argue that instead of buying your way into sustainable fashion, you should take responsibility for the impacts your clothes make. Knowledge is key according to the brand.

On their website, you can see exactly which impact each item makes on the environment and on communities.

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