When In Amsterdam: Museum Tip

If you are reading this blog I assume that you are at least a little bit interested in sustainable fashion (or you are part of my family and are obligated to read my posts). Therefore, you might be interested in undertaking some activities surrounding sustainable fashion. 

This week I went to the Fashion For Good museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This museum is about the past, present, and future of fashion and sustainable fashion.

When you first enter the building you will find the reception at the end of the hallway. There you can buy or show your ticket, and then you will receive a bracelet. With this bracelet, you can gather information and tips, and also use it to do activities such as taking your photo in a photobooth. At the end of your visit, all the information on the bracelet will be sent to your email so you can look through it at home.

To have the best experience of the museum it is best to start in the basement. On this floor, the past of fashion is explained, including some major events that have taken place over the years such as the Rana Plaza collapse or the action against the use of fur in the 2000s. On this floor, there is also an extensive overview of the production phase of clothing in steps starting with the processing of raw cotton and ending with the consumer. The production phase is supported by some interactive elements where the visitors can feel the cotton and products of each different phase which adds to the experience.

After the basement, you will move up to the ground floor where you can find the present of sustainable fashion. On this floor, you can buy clothing items from sustainable fashion brands, including hoodies, sweatpants, jackets, and even underwear (that, by the way, is displayed super cool). In this same room, you can use your bracelet to gather many tips on how to be more environmentally conscious. Furthermore, this floor holds a room where you can design your own sustainable T-shirt!

The last floor is where the future of sustainable fashion is discussed, and it was my absolute favorite! It, again, showed the phases of clothing, but with sustainable alternatives. Here you could take a look, and feel some of the plant-based and biodegradable materials that can be used in fashion (did you know that you can use the peel of oranges?). 

Lastly, on this floor were some examples of sustainable fashion designers, including my favorite designer Stella McCartney and the Dutch Iris van Herpen.

I would definitely recommend visiting the museum Fashion For Good if you are ever in Amsterdam (and there are no COVID restrictions). The museum highlights the important aspects of sustainable fashion in an enjoyable way, and it is easy to understand even if you have no experience with sustainable fashion.

ps: A quick tip, when you get to the glitter booth watch out because it gets everywhere (Still some much fun though).


If you want to visit the “Fashion For Good” museum please click here


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