7 Sustainable Luxury Brands

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and in recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental and social impacts associated with fast fashion. As consumers become more conscious of their choices, sustainable fashion has emerged as a powerful movement.

Sustainable fashion designers are at the forefront of this revolution, proving that style and ethics can coexist harmoniously. In this blog post, we celebrate seven visionary designers reshaping the fashion landscape with innovative and eco-friendly approaches.

Stella McCartney

Designer Stella McCartney can be found at the top of every list of sustainable fashion. The British designer is a pioneer in sustainable luxury fashion ever since she started in 2001.

As a lifelong vegetarian, Stella has always been committed to animal welfare and refrains from using leather, or fur, and only uses wool from animal welfare farms. She prioritizes ethical sourcing of materials, using organic cotton and sustainably harvested wood pulp for her designs.

Moreover, Stella McCartney takes a circular approach to fashion, embracing recycled and upcycled materials in her creations. The brand’s commitment to sustainability extends to the supply chain, where they focus on reducing water consumption and waste. Through their eco-conscious initiatives, Stella McCartney proves that fashion can be both high-end and sustainable.

Furthermore, Stella McCartney calculates their impact on the environment to see which parts of their brand should improve or change.

In an earlier article I mentioned that during fashion week in 2020 around 75 percent of the materials were sustainable according to Stella McCartney. This year, in 2023, 87 percent of the collection is sustainable. A huge increase as you can see and her most sustainable collection yet.

Stella McCartney continues to show that luxury fashion can be beautiful AND sustainable, and I think many luxury fashion brands can learn something from her.

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Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a renowned American fashion designer known for her timeless and elegant designs. Sustainability has been at the core of her brand since its inception in 1984. Fisher places great importance on transparency, ensuring that her customers are aware of the origins of the materials used in her garments. The brand works with organic fibers, such as organic cotton and linen, and prioritizes fair labor practices.

Eileen Fisher also champions the “take-back” initiative, where customers can return old garments, which are then either resold as second-hand pieces or upcycled into new designs. This circular model fosters a sense of responsibility and sustainability throughout the lifespan of the products.

Besides being an advocate for sustainability, Eileen Fisher is also an advocate for women’s rights and supports artists through the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.

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Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman, a New York-based designer, is known for her bold prints and vibrant designs. She launched her label in 2000, and since 2015 she has been incorporating sustainability aspects into her brand. Over the years, she has transitioned her brand to embrace sustainability fully.

Mara Hoffman works with eco-friendly textiles like TENCEL™ and organic cotton. She also uses hemp in her clothing, which is considered one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics, since it requires relatively little water, grows quickly, and is resistant to pests. Additionally, Mara Hoffman is committed to fair labor practices. She also ensures that her supply chain minimizes its impact on the environment.

Beyond sustainable materials, Mara Hoffman designs with longevity in mind, creating timeless pieces that can withstand ever-changing fashion trends. Her dedication to transparency and responsible sourcing sets a positive example for the fashion industry.

Mara Hoffman has partnerships with many organizations to achieve its sustainability goals, including the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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Gabriela Hearst

Uruguayan Gabriela Hearst founded her sustainable fashion brand in 2015. One of the core pillars of Hearst’s brand is her dedication to sourcing sustainable materials. She prioritizes natural fibers like organic cotton, cashmere, and wool, which have a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic alternatives. Additionally, Gabriela Hearst incorporates innovative and eco-friendly fabrics such as TENCEL™ and ECONYL® into her collections.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Gabriela Hearst’s designs. Her clothing is impeccably tailored and designed to stand the test of time, encouraging consumers to embrace a more thoughtful and less wasteful approach to fashion.

Furthermore, Gabriela Hearst publishes an annual sustainability report, providing insight into its operations’ environmental and social impact. The brand is also carbon-neutral, offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions through various initiatives.

Hearst is also known for her dedication to philanthropy. She established the “Manos del Uruguay” foundation, which supports female artisans in rural Uruguay by providing them with fair wages and safe working conditions.

In 2020, during Paris Fashion Week presented her Spring-Summer collection which was made for 60 percent of deadstock materials. In addition, the fashion show was carbon-neutral. Through her work, Gabriela Hearst demonstrates that luxury fashion can be sustainable, ethical, and empowering.

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Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn is a British fashion designer and a pioneer in the field of upcycling and circular fashion. He founded his brand in 2009, with a mission to create responsible and sustainable clothing.

Christopher Raeburn’s collections often feature repurposed materials, such as surplus military fabrics and parachutes, giving new life to otherwise discarded resources. One of his most iconic designs is his “REMADE” collection, where he transforms vintage military garments into contemporary and stylish pieces. This approach not only reduces waste but also creates unique and limited-edition designs, emphasizing the value of individuality and craftsmanship.

The brand also incorporates sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL™ in its collections. Christopher Raeburn is a strong advocate for transparency and actively engages with customers to raise awareness about the environmental impact of fashion choices.

In addition to his fashion line, Christopher Raeburn collaborates with various organizations and initiatives to promote sustainable practices within the industry. He has won multiple awards for his work in sustainable fashion.

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Maggie Marilyn

Maggie Marilyn is a New Zealand-based fashion brand founded in 2016 by designer Maggie Hewitt.

Maggie Marilyn works with organic and natural materials, such as organic cotton, TENCEL™, and linen, reducing the environmental impact of their collections. They prioritize ethical manufacturing and partner with factories in New Zealand and Italy that adhere to high labor standards.

The brand’s dedication to transparency is evident through their “Maggie Marilyn Open Studio” initiative, where they invite customers to learn about their production processes and meet the team behind the brand. This approach fosters trust and encourages consumers to be more mindful of their fashion choices.

Maggie Marilyn also incorporates circular practices in its designs, creating versatile and timeless pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. By encouraging customers to invest in quality pieces that can be worn repeatedly, they promote a more sustainable approach to dressing.

Maggie Marilyn is a certified B Corp, meaning the brand has met rigorous social and environmental standards and is committed to transparency and accountability.

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Amour Vert

Amour Vert, which translates to “Green Love” in French, is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2010 by Christoph Frehsee and Linda Balti. At the heart of Amour Vert’s ethos is the use of eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, TENCEL™, and modal, as well as innovative materials like cupro (a regenerated cellulose fiber). They prioritize ethical manufacturing, partnering with small, family-run factories in the United States, and abroad, ensuring fair labor practices and safe working conditions.

Amour Vert’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the materials and production processes. The brand actively participates in reforestation efforts through its “Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree” initiative, where they plant a tree in North America for every T-shirt sold. They have planted hundreds of thousands of trees, contributing to biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration.

The brand also promotes a circular economy by encouraging customers to recycle their old clothing through a take-back program. In return, customers receive a discount on their next purchase, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability among consumers.

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